In addition to a successful remediation, another goal of PRPs is to return eligible portions of the property to productive re-use. With a prime location and access to rail, roadways and utilities, the site has significant redevelopment potential. Comprehensive investigations of soils, sediments, and groundwater are being completed now by the PRPs to show that the uplands area is safe for commercial/industrial reuse. Honeywell is working with the Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority to market the site for redevelopment. The site has been landscaped and cleared of brush and overgrown vegetation; rubble from dilapidated buildings has been removed.

Site has access to water, rail and interstate.

Glynn County Detention Center

The northern section of the uplands, encompassing 31 acres, was sold to Glynn County in 2012. A portion of the property is now the Glynn County Sheriff's Office and the Glynn County Detention Center. The southern portion has the potential for a variety of industrial and related uses.


LCP site on Ross Road, Brunswick.


Administrative building faces Ross Road.